Computer Science 311

Class Materials, Fall 2019


Lyle A. McGeoch
Office: SCCE C216
Phone: x2414
E-mail address on Amherst network: lamcgeoch

Office hours:

My office hours are Tuesday, 3-4:30, and Wednesday, 1-2:30. I am often available at other times, too, so feel free to get in touch.

TA hours:

Sundays, 5-7pm, in C101, and Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm in C101.

Class Materials:

Week 5:

Topics: the greedy approach, making change, greedy choice property, optimal substructure property; interval graphs; Dijkstra's algorithm. Next week: minimum spanning trees, then dynamic programming

Week 4:

Topics: sorting properties, lower bounds; counting sort, radix sort, master theorem; multiplication of n-digit integers, more master theorem examples

Week 3:

Topics: divide and conquer, mergesort, solving recurrences, quicksort

Week 2:

Week 1: